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Quality Control

Quality Control


Reference Document

1. Import Test Specification
2. Procedure Test Specification
3. Welding Specification
4. Heat Treatment Specification
5. Seal Ring Machining Specification
6. Assemble Specification
7. Hydro Test Specification
8. Painting Specification
9. Final Test and Inspection Specification
10. Packing Delivery Specification

Specification Remark

V Visual Inspection
D Dimension Inspection
H Hardness Inspection & Test
C Chemical Character Test
PH Mechanical Character Test
F Final Test & Inspection
PT Infiltration Test & Inspection

Quality Record

11. Import Test Record
12. Partner's Quality Certificate
13. Parts Test &Inspection Record
14. Assemble Test & Inspection Record
15. Welding Test & Inspection Record
16. Hydro Test & Inspection Record
17. Products Quality Certificate
18. Partner's Time-Temperature Drawing
19. Final Test & Inspection Record

Quality Control Requirement

1. Products Mark, Test & Inspection State according to <Manufacture & Service Control Program>(TG/QP13-2002).
2. Incompetent Product's Treatment according to <Incompetent Products Control Program>
3. Machining process according to Relate Drawing and Technical Machining Card.